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Seriously Pod Fill E-Liquids: Unveiling the Bulk Vape Juice Revolution


Doozy introduces Seriously Pod Fill E-Liquids, a cutting-edge range of vape juice available in bulk 100ml bottles designed specifically for your pod vape.

 In this review, we share our honest impressions after Doozy graciously provided us with a selection to explore.

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A sub-brand under the umbrella of Doozy, Seriously E-Liquids presents a captivating array of 10 flavors, each intricately crafted, and proudly made in the UK.

Dive into the latest offering from Seriously E-Liquids – the Seriously Pod Fill E-Liquid range. This innovative collection deviates from the classic 100ml shortfill concept by introducing a balanced 50/50 blend of VG and PG, perfect for MTL pod vapes and starter kits. Add two 18mg nic shots, and you’ll enjoy 120ml of 3mg nicotine strength E-Liquid, extending your vaping pleasure twelvefold compared to standard 10ml options.

Purchasing Pod Fill E-Liquids in bulk demands assurance that you’ll love the flavor. Hence, we present this review after trying 8 out of the 10 new E-Liquid flavors sent by Doozy, aiming to guide our customers in discovering their perfect flavor.

Escape the mundane with Seriously Pod Fill E-Liquids, steering clear of conventional flavors dominating the market. In this range, don’t expect commonplace pink lemonade or blueberry sour raspberry; Instead, indulge in a variety of unique and intricate flavor combinations that break away from the norm.

This review aims to provide unbiased insights into the Seriously Pod Fill range, allowing vapers to explore a diverse and complex palette. Here, personal opinions guide the evaluation, recognizing that individual tastes differ.

For a more balanced perspective, objective measures of sweetness and ice are included. This analysis unveils surprises, as certain flavors unexpectedly boast a chilly element. It’s crucial to note that a higher sweetness or ice rating doesn’t necessarily equate to a superior experience.

The Seriously Pod Fill Vape Liquids were vaped using the OXVA Xlim Pro equipped with 0.6Ω pods, ensuring an optimal flavor density. A fresh pod for each juice guaranteed a clean taste, facilitating an accurate evaluation.

Ranking the top four was no easy feat, given the exceptional quality of Seriously Pod Fill vape Liquids. Each flavor caters to distinct vaper preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone, regardless of flavor profile, ice preference, or sweetness level.

The Seriously Pod Fill range offers an extensive and eclectic selection, making it challenging to decide where to begin. To simplify your exploration, our top three favorite flavors were:

  1. Banana Mandarin
  2. Cherry Twist
  3. Fresh Pineapple

For any questions about pairing Seriously Pod Fill E-Liquids with vape kits or personalized vape advice, our support team is at your service. Contact us via email for assistance with any vape-related queries, ensuring you embark on an elevated vaping experience with Seriously Pod Fill E-Liquids today!

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