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A Comprehensive Guide to Shortfill E-Liquid and Its Usage


Since its inception in 2003, the e-cigarette has transformed from a cessation tool to a cultural phenomenon. Over the past two decades, the evolution of vaping devices and e-liquids has been astounding.

Initially intended as a smoking cessation aid, vaping has now become a debated trend embraced by enthusiasts and endorsed by medical professionals, notably the NHS. Countless individuals have successfully quit smoking due to vaping, but its marketing and sale have undergone significant shifts.

In the past, vapers had access to larger bottles of e-liquid for convenient use on the go. However, the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) regulations enacted in May 2016 and enforced a year later altered the landscape. Stricter rules now govern the industry, necessitating a change. Enter shortfills.

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Shortfills are flavored e-liquid bottles designed with a gap at the top to accommodate the addition of a nicotine shot, typically 10ml in size, hence the term ‘shortfill.’ These bottles are nicotine-free, adhering to TPD regulations prohibiting the sale of e-liquids containing nicotine over 10ml by EU vaping businesses.

Additional TPD regulations, such as the maximum 2ml capacity for vape tanks and a limit of 20mg/ml for nicotine content, have also significantly influenced both businesses and consumers.

However, just as vaping emerged as a better alternative to smoking, shortfills emerged as a solution for vapers seeking larger volumes of nicotine-containing e-liquid. Instead of juggling multiple 10ml bottles, vapers can easily mix their preferred nicotine level into a shortfill. Typically, most vapers opt for 50ml shortfills, blending VG and PG in equal proportions for optimal flavor and vapor production.

Don’t let the jargon overwhelm you—terms like ‘mouth to lung’ or delving into nic salts may seem complex, but they offer a diverse array of choices compared to smoking. Fortunately, using shortfills is straightforward, akin to the simplicity of vaping.

To utilize shortfills, follow these easy steps, especially beneficial for vapers consuming substantial amounts of e-liquid daily:

  1. Unscrew the top cap of the shortfill bottle.
  2. Remove the pipette.
  3. Open your chosen nicotine shot and add the desired amount to the shortfill bottle.
  4. Recap both ends of the shortfill bottle and shake thoroughly.
  5. For optimum results, let it steep in a dark place, like a cupboard, overnight before vaping the next day for an enhanced shortfill experience.

Conclusion: Note that steeping isn’t necessary to use the e-liquid; it’s merely a recommended practice to heighten flavor and allow nicotine to blend seamlessly with the preferred flavored e-liquid. While 100ml shortfill bottles exist, they might be cumbersome for some vapers to carry and refill. Opting for 50ml shortfills provides ample e-liquid for a substantial duration and approximately 3mg of nicotine per bottle. For those preferring larger e-liquid quantities with the shortfill method, an e-liquid mixer with a reusable 120ml bottle is an ideal choice—simply rinse it after use and refill as needed.

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